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Meeting the Need

In recent years, it has become apparent that the current status quo in the yeshiva system does not adequately address the needs of every student. While many students continue to perform well within the current system, some are suffering; forced to choose less than adequate religious or academic environments such as public school or home school learning programs. It is well known that public school can be devastating to the religious foundation that teenagers often struggle with.  

      Those that attempt to home school are often met with frustration and do not complete their high school education. In addition, negative impacts such as low earning potential and low self-image can result from dropping out of school altogether. These students often struggle with how they identity themselves within the Jewish community. Given the lack of viable options for students who don’t quite fit into the “yeshiva system”, Tiferes Bachurim was conceived in order to address the needs of students from religious backgrounds that did not flourish in a yeshiva setting.

      Without a yeshiva setting that suits their needs, many young men find themselves lacking a healthy “chevra” or supportive peer group and sorely miss the structure provided by a daily school routine.  Tiferes Bachurim offers a warm, positive, viable alternative for Jewish students and gives them the rare opportunity of being in a flexible environment while still remaining connected to Yiddishkeit.


Yeshivas Tiferes Bachurim is a not for profit Florida corporation operating under The Torah Learning Center Inc.  All donations will be used to advance our mission of meeting the specific needs of the pre risk Yeshiva Bachur.
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