Yeshivas Tiferes Bachurim


Tiferes Bachurim is an innovative alternative and academic choice for high-school age students in need of a quality Jewish education and positive social interaction. Located in the heart of the Miami Beach frum community, Tiferes Bachurim offers its students a warm and caring Jewish environment that meets their academic and spiritual needs.  Tiferes Bachurim is proud of its highly acclaimed staff of Rabbeim and educators and the example they set for their students. Students at Tiferes Bachurim can expect to find a structured yet flexible academic learning program in a dynamic social setting with a focus on spiritual growth. We has successfully created an atmosphere where young men can thrive and develop at their own pace among their peers.            

Students that complete their high school diploma requirement by getting a GED, General Equivalency Diploma, or passing the ATB, Ability-to-Benefit, test are eligible to receive college credit for their L’mudei Kodesh through the Talmudic University, Rabbi Yochanan Zweig's Yeshiva.



Help support our Mission of an accessible Yeshiva education.

Yeshivas Tiferes Bachurim is a not for profit Florida corporation operating under The Torah Learning Center Inc.  All donations will be used to advance our mission of meeting the specific needs of the pre risk Yeshiva Bachur.
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